The Cat Concerto (1947) — Tom and Jerry Theatrical Cartoon

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The Cat Concerto

The Cat Concerto

CotD: Extremely sim­i­lar to a WB car­toon star­ing Bugs Bunny, “The Cat Con­certo” and Tom and Jerry ended up win­ning the Oscar that year– Bugs would wait another ten for his.

The Cat Con­certo (1947) — Tom and Jerry The­atri­cal Cartoon

Tom is an acknowl­edged mas­ter pianist primed to give his great­est per­for­mance of Liszt’s Sec­ond Hun­gar­ian Rhap­sody. As he pre­pares and finally set­tles down, ready to play, Jerry is deter­mined to dis­rupt Tom’s con­cert. Jerry pulls on the strings inside the piano, slams the shut­ter on Tom’s hands, and gen­er­ally runs amok. Tom fights him with the piano with­out miss­ing a sin­gle note.

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