Cartoon voice actors nominated by ACTRA Toronto

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ACTRA Awards

ACTRA Awards

Five actors from three cartoon series have been nominated for Outstanding Performance – Voice in time for the 10th Anniversary ACTRA Awards in Toronto, to be presented at the Carlu on Saturday, February 25.

Performers from Radical Sheep Productions’ Stella and Sam received two nominations. Robbie Fitzroy is up for the role of the Box Builders in the series, while Rachel Marcus and Miles Johnson received a joint nomination for their portrayal of the Night Fairies.

Stacey Depass of The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, a co-production of Nelvana and Hasbro Studios, is up for an ACTRA Award for voicing Boomer the Snowplow. Miklos Perlus of Sidekick, another Nelvana series, was recognized for his role as Eric Squared.

A nomination also went to Billy MacLellan as the voice of The Promise in CBC Radio’s award-winning drama Afghanada.

“The nominees this year range from age 7 to age 82 and include a diversity of performers as well as some of Canada’s biggest names and greatest actors,” ACTRA Toronto president Heather Allin said Tuesday. “It’s a strong year and will make the final jury selection a difficult task. It’s an impressive snapshot of the current depth and breadth of Canada’s acting talent.”

Rick Mercer will be presented with ACTRA Toronto’s 2012 Award of Excellence at the awards celebration. The Award of Excellence recognizes an exceptional body of work and a commitment to advocacy on behalf of all performers.

The awards gala will be hosted by comic Elvira Kurt and will feature live musical performances by blues band Raoul and The Big Time, fronted by Raoul Bhaneja.

ACTRA Toronto is the largest organization within ACTRA, representing over 15,000 of Canada’s 21,000 professional performers working in the country’s English-language recorded media.

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