Cartoon Review ~ Kung Fu Panda

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Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

This is one of the abun­dantly clear things about Kung Fu Panda as a film: It is very pop­u­lar across all spec­trum and ages of soci­ety. I rec­om­mended this film to many peo­ple who took my advice and told me later how much they loved it. I think adults have for­got­ten that when ani­ma­tion first hit the big screen with Snow White etc it was not specif­i­cally aimed at children.

It is a mis­take that is slowly fad­ing as I find more adults going to ani­mated films at later ses­sions to avoid chil­dren and have an exclu­sive adult audi­ence. Well this is a review of a film, and not a social com­men­tary, so I had bet­ter get back to it!

I, in a nut shell, loved Kung Fu Panda. It had me laugh­ing from the open­ing scenes, which were ani­ma­tion within ani­ma­tion. you have to see it to under­stand what I mean there. Dream­Works along with Pixar, and to a lesser extent now, Dis­ney, are one of the pre­mium ani­mated film pro­duc­ers. I like their style of ani­ma­tion and it is always of a high quality.

This is one of the bet­ter films they have released recently. A sequel is due to be released soon , and it is fair to say it has big shoes to fill!. It is also a film that has spawned sev­eral short half hour tele­vi­sion spe­cials that have aired over the last few Christ­mases. My nephews ( and I!) par­tic­u­larly liked the more recent one where Po had to pro­vide an annual Christ­mas ban­quet for the kung-fu mas­ters. Very funny, with a sui­ci­dal bunny who wanted to ‘die with honor’ for dis­grac­ing his vil­lage. We then see him try­ing to get Po to help him using var­i­ous kitchen uten­sils. It has a moral, namely Christ­mas is for fam­ily and there is noth­ing more impor­tant at that time of year.

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