One thought on “Ethan Minovitz

  1. I remem­ber Ethan from our school days — he was a real char­ac­ter. He played the drums in band class, and one day had to make an oral pre­sen­ta­tion. Although shy in those days, he really put him­self out, did a superb job, and taught me an impor­tant les­son: the power of will in over­com­ing hand­i­caps (in this case, shy­ness, some­thing I suf­fered from too!). When it’s impor­tant enough to you, you can over­come any hin­drance.
    But the fun­ni­est thing I remem­ber about Ethan occurred quite some years later, when he met my par­ents on the street as they were walk­ing their first grand­daugh­ter in a stroller. He stopped to say hello, and asked if the baby was their daugh­ter. No, said my mother, that’s our grand­daugh­ter. Oh, says Ethan, a bit non­plussed, look­ing from my father to my mother. I sup­pose age doesn’t mat­ter (in mar­riage). What a com­pli­ment to my mom, who is actu­ally the older one of the two.….

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