Cartoon Network Coming To Netflix Streaming

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Net­flix announced it has signed a multi-year license agree­ment with Turner Broad­cast­ing and Warner Broth­ers, thus open­ing the door for Car­toon Net­work and Adult Swim shows to come to instant online stream­ing. Begin­ning March 30, Car­toon Net­work shows like “Adven­ture Time,” “Johnny Bravo,” “Green Lantern: The Ani­mated Series,” “Reg­u­lar Show,” and “Ben 10“will have whole sea­sons avail­able for streaming.

Adult Swim titles will be appear­ing soon. “Archer,” “The Boon­docks,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” “Robot Chicken,” “Children’s Hos­pi­tal” and more are now avail­able for view­ing. Futu­rama has been on Net­flix for some time now.

Don’t expect a whole lot from “Toon­ami” block– now part of Adult Swim– on Net­flix because of licens­ing issues for the older shows.


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  1. For the first few years of Car­toon Network’s exis­tence, pro­gram­ming meant for Car­toon Net­work would also be simul­cast on TBS and/or TNT in order to increase the shows’ (and Car­toon Network’s) expo­sure; exam­ples include The Real Adven­tures of Jonny Quest, Car­toon Planet, and 2 Stu­pid Dogs.;

    Catch ya later

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