Cartoon of the Day: A Wish For Wings That Work

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A Wish For Wings That Work

A Wish For Wings That Work

One of the most bizarre– and most fun!- Christ­mas spe­cials is A Wish For Wings That Work, based on the the Bloom County comic strip by Berke­ley Breathed. The spe­cial, pro­duced by Steven Spiel­berg and Amblin Enter­tain­ment, has more than it’s share of sur­prises… includ­ing an uncred­ited voice appear­ance by.… well, just watch it and see.

Opus the Pen­guin, among his other prob­lems, always feels inad­e­quate by his being “aero­dy­nam­i­cally impaired.” Together with his brain-fried cohort Bill the Cat, he tries doggedly to over­come that weak­ness, all with­out success.

Wrestling with an unful­filled wish to soar through the air like any other self-respecting bird, Opus turns for sym­pa­thy to his scroungy pals and his ani­mal “sup­port group”- a lovelorn kiwi, a fashion-minded cock­roach, and a cranky piglet who thinks that he’s a rhino.

When that doesn’t help, the plucky pen­guin decides that there’s only one per­son who can make his aero­nau­tic dream come true: Father Christmas.

But when Ol’ St. Nick finds him­self in hot water on Decem­ber 24, the fate of Christ­mas itself sud­denly depends on the kind of hero­ism that only comes in a penguin-sized package!Only on Christ­mas Eve does Opus learn what worth his nat­ural abil­i­ties are.

So, got you inter­ested? Watch it, and see what voice tal­ents you can recognize!

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