Cartoon of the Day: Treasure Planet

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Treasure Planet

Trea­sure Planet

On this date in 2002, Dis­ney released Trea­sure Planet. Sort of a Dis­ney ver­sion of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Trea­sure Island,” set in outer space.

This movie opened in both 35mm and a specifically-formatted 70mm IMAX ver­sion. This marked the first time that a film had con­cur­rent releases in both formats.

After the Sep­tem­ber 11 tragedy, Dis­ney decided that peo­ple being held at sword-point just wasn’t funny, so the ani­ma­tors were instructed to remove as many swords from the film as possible.

The film was a major finan­cial dis­as­ter. Bud­geted at $140 mil­lion, it grossed only $38.2 mil­lion by the time it left North Amer­i­can the­aters. The loss report­edly resulted in Dis­ney down­grad­ing its earn­ings esti­mate for the last quar­ter of 2002.

So what did you think of this later Dis­ney film… good retelling of a clas­sic story, or overblown CG-Fest?

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One thought on “Cartoon of the Day: Treasure Planet

  1. Great and cre­ative re-telling of the orig­i­nal story. Its the busi­ness part of Dis­ney that made this a dis­as­ter, not the artists and ani­ma­tors. This film deserves more respect and recog­ni­tion for being a tru­ely astound­ing piece of work.

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