Cartoon of the Day: The Sunshine Makers

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The Sunshine Makers

The Sun­shine Makers

Not a whole lot to choose from today, so I decided to go for unusual. The Sun­shine Mak­ers is from Van Beuren Stu­dios Rain­bow Parade The­atri­cal Car­toon Series, and while it may not be the most obscure choice I could make, it is cer­tainly not a series many are knowl­edge­able of.

This is the story of a com­mu­nity of happy, iden­ti­cal lit­tle gnomes who have the abil­ity to dis­till sun­shine into a bot­tled elixir. Any­one con­sum­ing this liq­uid imme­di­ately begins singing and caper­ing about in per­fect hap­pi­ness (despite the obvi­ously radioac­tive nature of the stuff; it causes an x-ray effect on any­one who drinks it or bathes in it).

In a gloomy for­est nearby lives a bunch of misery-loving gob­lins who only feel good when they feel bad. See­ing the sun­shine gnomes as a threat to their way of life, they mount a lame attack on the gnome vil­lage. The gnomes fight back by bom­bard­ing the gob­lins with bot­tles of the sun­shine elixir. Soon, the gob­lins are thor­oughly assim­i­lated and every­one is happy.

Orig­i­nally released as a pro­mo­tional film for Borden’s Milk, thus the “Bor­den” script on the title card.

So if you are in the mood to see some early (1935) and unusual ani­ma­tion, pop over to BCDB today and give this one a look… and let us know what you think!

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