Cartoon of the Day: Santa’s Workshop

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Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

In keeping with the holiday spirit, today’s Cartoon of the Day is Santa’s Workshop. From the middle of the Silly Symphonie series, this short was produced in Technicolor, and directed by Wilfred Jackson.

Santa is assigned by his elves in preparation for the famous sleigh ride on Christmas Eve. As Santa reads off the list of good or bad boys and girls, the elves go about constructing the toys and making things ready for Santa’s long trip. As the toys are finished, they come to life, and they march into Santa’s big bag.

Because they are considered politically incorrect, several scenes are deleted from current video releases: one in which dolls are frightened by a spider, so their hair sticks up on end and gets curled; a stereotypical black doll saying “Mammy”; and a black doll riding a donkey cart.

If you’ve not seen this short, pop on over to BCDB today and give it a look!

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