Cartoon of the Day: Rabbit Hood

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Rabbit Hood

Rab­bit Hood

The day before Christ­mas, and all through BCDB, not a crea­ture was stir­ring because they were all watch­ing Rab­bit Hood. You wouldn’t think a whole lot of good car­toons were released on Decem­ber 24th, but you would be wrong… Rab­bit Hood is just one of them!

Sher­wood For­est is stud­ded with “No Poach­ing” signs– “Not even an egg!” Bunny tries to swipe a car­rot from the king’s car­rot patch, but is caught crimson-fisted by the Sher­iff of Not­ting­ham. Just then, a goofy Lit­tle John announces, “Don’t you worry, never fear, Robin Hood will soon be here!” Robin doesn’t appear (the film’s run­ning gag), so Bugs announces, “Lo, the king approacheth!”

As the sher­iff bows for the king, Bugs bops him and runs. The sher­iff chases Bugs around the king’s Royal Ground, where the rab­bit imi­tates a real estate sales­man and sells the sher­iff the land. The flim-flam works so well that the sher­iff is build­ing the sec­ond story of a house before he finally gets wise. The sher­iff cor­ners Bugs, who com­i­cally intro­duces Lit­tle John to him. Next, Bugs pre­tends that the king is com­ing; this time, he dis­guises him­self as His High­ness and bestows knight­hood on the sheriff.

Bob­bing him with his staff with each word, Bugs declares the sher­iff “Sir Loin of Beef, Earl of Cloves, Baron of Mun­chausen, Milk of Mag­ne­sia, Quar­ter of Ten.” The groggy sher­iff sings “Lon­don Bridge” as he falls into a freshly-baked layer cake. Lit­tle John finally intro­duces Robin Hood: a live-action shot of Errol Flynn, caus­ing an aston­ished Bugs to shrug and say, “Eh, it couldn’t be him!”

Con­tains actual footage of Errol Flynn as Robin Hood from the 1938 film “The Adven­tures of Robin Hood.” Flynn’s price for using his image was report­edly only a copy of this car­toon for his collection.

Released exactly one day before retired WB car­toon pro­ducer Leon Schlesinger died of viral infec­tion at the age of 65.

Songs include: “Lon­don Bridge is Falling Down” (Unknown-arr. Carl Stalling), Per­formed by the Sher­iff of Nottingham.

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