Cartoon of the Day: The Pink Phink

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The Pink Phink

The Pink Phink

The first stand-alone theatrically release cartoon featuring the Pink Panther was The Pink Phink, released this day in 1964. Directed by Friz Freleng and co-directed by Hawley Pratt, this was a real one-of-as-kind cartoon.

When seeing a new house for sale, the Pink Panther sees Pale-Man- a caricature of Friz Freleng- painting the house blue. Through several antics, the Pink Panther eventually paints it pink. Pale-Man accidentally grows pink flora when burying tins of Pink paint. After seeing this, the Pink Panther eventually buys the house, painting Pale-Man pink to match.

We have all seen plenty of Pink Panther cartoons, what makes this one so unique? This was the first Pink Panther cartoon. But more unique than that this cartoon marks the first, and to date only  time a cartoon studio won an Oscar with its first cartoon release, and with a brand new character to boot.

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