Cartoon of the Day: Peter Pan

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Today would be the 60th anniver­sary of that kids film about being a grown up kid, Peter Pan. One of my per­sonal favorites, Peter Pan is prob­a­bly the per­fect Dis­ney film– action, adven­ture, great back­grounds and ani­ma­tion, and a stel­lar voice cast. Sec­ond star on the right, and on until dawn…

Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up, arrives in the Lon­don nurs­ery of the Dar­ling chil­dren: Wendy, Michael and John. He teaches the chil­dren to fly (with the help of Tin­ker Bell’s pixie dust), then takes them all to Never Land so Wendy can be mother to Peter’s tribe of Lost Boys. In Never Land, there are flir­ta­tious mer­maids, sav­age Indi­ans, and wicked pirates-including Peter’s great neme­sis, Cap­tain Hook. A series of dan­ger­ous and excit­ing cloak-and-dagger adven­tures with Cap­tain Hook and Peter leads to the villain’s ulti­mate defeat, and Peter takes the Dar­ling chil­dren home in the cap­tured pirate ship, which now soars through the sky, thanks to a lit­tle con­tri­bu­tion from Tin­ker Bell.

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