Cartoon of the Day: Musica-Lulu

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Isadore Spar­ber directed Musica-Lulu in 1947. By then, ani­mated films were quite mature in pro­duc­tion and story. The Lit­tle Lulu car­toons, at least story-wise were still a throw back to the thir­ties. Based on a comic strip by Marge, Famous even­tu­ally tired of pay­ing her roy­al­ties on the char­ac­ter, and devel­oped their own “cute lit­tle girl”, Lit­tle Audrey.

Lit­tle Lulu would rather play base­ball with Tubby and the gang instead of prac­tic­ing her vio­lin. She gets hit in the head, and dreams about being taken to the “Musi­cal Court of Jus­tice” for pros­e­cu­tion and trial. Really bizarre and surreal!

The U.M.&M. TV Corp. prints call this car­toon Musi­cal Lulu.

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  1. So Cool to see ani­ma­tion great Otto Mess­mer listed in the cred­its as co-writer! I didn’t real­ize that he wound up at Famous Studios.

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