Cartoon of the Day: The Missing Mouse

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The Missing Mouse

The Miss­ing Mouse

From nearly the end of the the­atri­cal series, The Miss­ing Mouse was unique in a few ways. Pop­u­lar voice actor Paul Frees– Cap­tain Hook from Disney’s Peter Pan from the same year– han­dles the voice duties for this short, and therein is one of the unique aspects of the film.

While Jerry is loot­ing the fridge, Tom comes by and ham­mers him… He pinches Jerry’s tail in a mouse­trap, and while run­ning away, the mouse spills a bot­tle of white shoe pol­ish on himself.

Sud­denly, the radio blurts out that an exper­i­men­tal “explo­sive” white mouse has escaped from the lab. Tom sees Jerry and is fright­ened to death. Jerry takes advan­tage, and keeps try­ing to fall off shelves and such… the cat catch­ing him no mat­ter what. Tom lets irons and pianos fall on him instead of Jerry.

When the mouse falls in the sink, Tom real­izes that he’s been a fool; he hits Jerry with a ham­mer and throws him out. The real white mouse then enters, and when Tom washes the fake one and then sees Jerry, he ages 50 years! The radio then announces that the explo­sive mouse is no longer dan­ger­ous… Tom strikes him and BOOM! The cat sticks his head out of the rub­ble and says, “Don’t you believe it!”

This is one of the rare car­toons in which Tom speaks; although here it sounds as though he is imi­tat­ing char­ac­ter actor Ned Sparks in the final scene.

This is the only Tom and Jerry car­toon (and pos­si­bly the only MGM car­toon) for which Scott Bradley does not receive music credit.



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