Cartoon of the Day: Herr Meets Hare

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Herr Meets Hare

Herr Meets Hare

Back to World War II with Herr Meets Hare, an Isadore Fre­leng pro­pa­ganda film from 1945. And who wouldn’t want to see Adolf and Her­man face off against.… Bugs Bunny!

Her­mann Goer­ing heads to the Black For­est for rest and relax­ation; because of a wrong turn in Albu­querque, so does Bugs, who encoun­ters “Fatso” while try­ing to get to Las Vegas. Bugs taunts the Nazi, who cap­tures him and takes him to Adolf Hitler, but Bugs gets the last laugh– dis­guised as Stalin.

Great par­o­dies of Goer­ing and Hitler. Lew Lehr is also caricatured.

The first short in which Bugs takes that wrong turn at Albuquerque.

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