Cartoon of the Day: Freeway Phobia No. 1

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Freeway Phobia No. 1Goofy was always good fun, and good fod­der for sto­ries. Free­way Pho­bia No. 1, with a story writ­ten by William R. Bosché is no excep­tion. And, as in many pre­vi­ous films, Goofy plays all the parts. Watch this today for a great belly laugh!

Goofy demon­strates how not to drive on the free­way: first, the overly timid dri­ver, then the overly aggres­sive dri­ver, and finally the inat­ten­tive dri­ver, shav­ing or eat­ing. Goofy plays all the parts.

Often con­sid­ered or clas­si­fied as an ‘Edu­ca­tional’ short, this car­toon is not. Accord­ing to inter­nal Dis­ney doc­u­men­ta­tion, this short was orig­i­nally clas­si­fied as a ‘Goofy’ short at its orig­i­nal release.

Alter­nate Title: “Free­way­pho­bia or The Art Of Dri­ving The Super High­way.”

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