Cartoon of the Day: The Dot And The Line

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The Dot And The Line

The Dot And The Line

Chuck Jones made a lot of mem­o­rable films. But the best may not have starred a Rab­bit, a fleet-footed desert bird, or a mar­t­ian, or even the Grinch… it may have only fea­tured a cou­ple sim­ple geo­met­ric shapes. Released on the last day of 1965, The Dot And The Line won an Acad­emy Award for best short film with it’s sim­ple yet time­less story.

A love story in which the line has unre­quited love for the dot; she only has eyes for the squig­gle. He over­comes his straight-laced life, and the dot sees him for what he truly is. The moral? To the vec­tor belong the spoils. The dot has an evil laugh and goes around doing bad things. It mis­be­haves quite a bit, but it shows col­ors, shapes, and a smily face which mouths off to the nar­ra­tor. The first 30 sec­onds of the car­toon take place in an art room with easels.

Chuck Jones would ani­mate two books by author Nor­ton Juster; this, and 1970’s The Phan­tom Toll­booth.

This and 1967’s The Bear That Wasn’t were MGM’s only non-Tom and Jerry ani­ma­tion after 1958.

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