Cartoon of the Day: Dog Pounded

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Dog Pounded

Dog Pounded

Isadore Fre­leng directed many great films, and paired two time­less char­ac­ters so close they are now insep­a­ra­ble– Tweety and Sylvester. Dog Pounded is one of the later shorts, pro­duced in 1954. It begins with the very famil­iar image of a starv­ing Sylvester, rum­mag­ing through garbage cans for food…

Hun­gry Sylvester spots Tweety in his nest, which sits on a tree high atop the city dog pound, where numer­ous bull­dogs reside. Sylvester makes dif­fer­ent approaches, like hyp­no­tiz­ing the dogs and dig­ging him­self under the wall, always with the same result– beaten by the dogs.

Sylvester dis­guises him­self as a dog, and the dogs bur­row under the pound, hav­ing accu­rately antic­i­pated that Sylvester will do the same! In the end, he paints a white stripe down his back to make the dogs think that he’s a skunk. This attracts Pepé Le Pew, who desires to make love with the poor ol’ puddy tat!

Pepé Le Pew makes a cameo at the end of this car­toon, the only time he appears in a Fre­leng directed short .

Very sim­i­lar to “Ain’t She Tweet.”

This Looney Tune short was reis­sued as a Blue Rib­bon Mer­rie Melodie cartoon.

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