Cartoon of the Day: Bosko In Dutch

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Bosko In Dutch

Bosko In Dutch

An early Looney Tune, Bosko In Dutch is gen­er­ally unre­mark­able in its story telling, ani­ma­tion or direc­tion. How­ever, the short is impor­tant because this was the first car­toon that one of the great­est car­toon direc­tors ever super­vised– albeit uncredited.

Bosko and Honey get in and out of trou­ble. Just like usual, only thins time in Hol­land. You can tell because every build­ing has a windmill.

The last appear­ance of Goopy Geer (seen here in a cameo).

The first car­toon directed by Isador “Friz” Fre­leng (who was uncredited).

The song “Ach du lieber Augus­tine,” bet­ter known to school kids as “Hail to the Bus Dri­ver Man,” is on the soundtrack.

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