Cartoon of the Day: Bad Luck Blackie

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Bad Luck Blackie

Bad Luck Blackie

Our first Tex Avery short of the year is Bad Luck Blackie, from 1949. Not his most pop­u­lar char­ac­ter or short, but one worth watch­ing if you are a fan of Avery.

Bad Luck Blackie is a black cat whose job it is to bring bad luck wher­ever needed… and it IS needed by a poor lit­tle kit­ten, con­stantly tor­tured by an evil bull­dog. “When­ever you need me, just blow the whis­tle,” Blackie says to the kitten.

When­ever the dog both­ers the kit­ten, the kit­ten blows the whis­tle and Blackie comes out of nowhere, cross­ing the dog’s path and giv­ing him bad luck… usu­ally in the form of some­thing large and heavy falling on him from the sky!

As his luck gets worse and worse, the objects get big­ger and big­ger. Falling objects include (in suc­ces­sive order) a flow­er­pot, a kitchen sink and a battleship.

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