Bully For Bugs (1953) – Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Bully For Bugs  (1953) - Looney Tunes

Bully For Bugs (1953) - Looney Tunes

CotD: Lost on his way to the Coachella Valley and Carrot Festival therein, our favorite bunny goes “Bully For Bugs” in this great cartoon ~ http://www.bcdb.com/cartoon/3762-Bully_For_Bugs.html

Bully For Bugs (1953) – Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

Before we encounter Bugs, we get an eyeful of a magnificent bull in action as he makes short work of a matador. Looking for the “Coachella Valley and Carrot Festival therein” (that left turn at Albuquerque again), Bugs tunnels into the middle of the arena.

Bugs becomes hostile when the bull’s breath steams up his tail, and the bull bops him high into the air. The bunny utters his famous declaration, “Of course you realize this means war!” and steps back into the arena in full toreador costume, directing the bull head-first into an anvil with his red cape, then doing a show-stopping dance (to “La Cucaracha”) with the now slap-happy bull. Another bit of choreography follows, this one set to the Mexican Hat Dance and employing as its theme Bugs walking right up to the behemoth and slapping him repeatedly in the face- in tempo!

Next, Bugs booby-traps his cape with a rifle, which the bull accidentally swallows, enabling him to fire bullets out of his horns. However, he abuses the privilege by trying explosive-headed bullets. Bugs then sends the bull out of the stadium. By the time he returns, Bugs has arranged for his defeat with a Rube Goldberg routine which sets off a powder keg just as the bull flies over it. This heads the bull straight into the side of the arena. Over the bull’s battered backside, Bugs displays a banner reading “The End.”

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