Little Buck Cheeser (1937) — Harman-Ising Productions Theatrical Cartoon

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Little Buck Cheeser (1937) - Harman-Ising Productions

Lit­tle Buck Cheeser (1937) — Harman-Ising Productions

CotD: From Harman-Ising in their MGM years, “Lit­tle Buck Cheeser” is a fun and maybe just a lit­tle too cutesy.

Lit­tle Buck Cheeser (1937) — Harman-Ising Pro­duc­tions The­atri­cal Cartoon

Lit­tle Cheeser dreams of build­ing a rocket ship and going to the moon like his hero, Buck Rogers. Inspired by Rogers (and visions of cheese), Cheeser and the mice build the rocket to see if the moon really is made of cheese. Once there, the rocket ship becomes trapped in a Lim­burger cheese river.

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