Brasil Animado 3D Cartoon Movie Offered for Distribution

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Brasil Animado

Brasil Animado

The stereoscopic “Brasil Animado 3D” is among the slate of feature films from the acquisitions team at ITN Distribution Inc. which will be offered at the 2012 American Film Market, taking place from October 31 to November 7 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach hotel.

This year’s films are a mix of high-concept independents in a variety of genres, including animation, horror, thriller, drama, romance, war, action, family and sci-fi.

In the 80-minute Brasil Animado 3D, Stress is a businessman who is always looking for a new investment opportunity. Relax is a filmmaker who has been trying to get Stress to invest in his projects.

One day, Relax sets up for a meeting under the great pink jequitibá, the oldest tree in Brazil. Stress likes the idea, especially because he sees how profitable it could be if he charged visitors to see the tree. The problem is that neither knows where it is. Therefore, they embark in a journey throughout Brazil searching for it.

ITN will be conducting sales for territories worldwide in Loews 705. ITN Distribution, Inc. is a leading independent film distribution company that specializes in high-quality, star driven independent films for the international and domestic TV, VOD, DVD and theatrical markets.

ITN releases 24 films per year with ITN’s direct connection to all major retailers and rentals in North America, such as Redbox, NetFlix, Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Target and Video-On-Demand. ITN produces, distributes and acquires films worldwide.

“I am always thrilled to have a presence at AFM and expect business to be very brisk at our office,” said ITN president Stuart Alson. “With independent film soaring to new levels, the demand for our film library is significantly higher this year. As always, our team’s objective is to negotiate and close the best possible deals with key buyers from around the world.”

A full catalog of ITN titles and trailers can be viewed at

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