Bosko’s Easter Eggs (1937) — Happy Harmonies Theatrical Cartoon

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CotD: After they started the Warner ani­ma­tion stu­dios, Harman-Ising took Bosko to MGM. One car­toon was 1937’s “Bosko’s Easter Eggs”

Bosko's Easter Eggs (1937) - Happy Harmonies

Bosko’s Easter Eggs (1937) — Happy Harmonies

Bosko’s Easter Eggs (1937) — Happy Har­monies The­atri­cal Cartoon

Bosko decides to help his girl­friend Honey col­lect eggs to color for Easter. He and his dog Bruno have all kinds of trou­ble with the chick­ens. Bruno breaks the eggs that Bosko “wuz deliv­erin ta” Honey.

This car­toon is not cur­rently shown on tele­vi­sion due to unfa­vor­able por­trayal of blacks.

Watch Bosko’s Easter Eggs on Video Here

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