Bosko The TalkInk Kid (1929) — Theatrical Short

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Bosko The TalkInk Kid

Bosko The TalkInk Kid

#CotD: The short that intro­duced Bosko and kicked off the WB car­toon dynasty, “Bosko The TalkInk Kid” was never offi­cially released.

Bosko The TalkInk Kid (1929) — The­atri­cal Short

This inven­tive mix­ture of live-action and ani­ma­tion served to intro­duce the char­ac­ter of Bosko, a lov­able and ever-jovial char­ac­ter. Ani­ma­tor Rudolf Ising sits at his draw­ing board and before our eyes cre­ates Bosko, who comes to life and shows us “what he can do” in a series of snappy musi­cal and com­edy routines.

You can watch “Bosko The TalkInk Kid” on video at Big Car­toon DataBase

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