Boomerang To Celebrate Earth Day with Captain Planet

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Captain Planet And The Planeteers

Cap­tain Planet And The Planeteers

In obser­vance of Earth Day, Boomerang called upon the Cap­tain Planet Foun­da­tion — ded­i­cated to give the next gen­er­a­tion of envi­ron­men­tal stew­ards an active under­stand­ing and love for the nat­ural world in which they live — to hand-pick 28 episodes to be pre­sented in a 14-hour Cap­tain Planet marathon Sun­day, April 22.

The Earth Day cel­e­bra­tion will begin at 6 a.m. (ET), show­cas­ing favorite episodes from each sea­son of the series through­out the day, includ­ing the pilot episode, “A Hero for Earth,” at 8 a.m. Addi­tion­ally, should view­ers wish to enjoy more of the orig­i­nal 72 half-hour episodes cre­ated for the series, Cap­tain Planet And The Plan­e­teers airs at 6 a.m. each day of the week on Boomerang.

Cap­tain Planet is an excit­ing, adventure-filled series that com­mu­ni­cates to kids how impor­tant our planet is and that we need to take care of it,” says Stacy Isen­hower, senior vice-president of pro­gram­ming and sched­ul­ing for Car­toon Net­work and Boomerang. “Pre­sent­ing a full-day marathon of Cap­tain Planet And The Plan­e­teers to cel­e­brate Earth Day is our way of sup­port­ing this wor­thy cause.”

In an effort to inform younger view­ers about seri­ous envi­ron­men­tal issues, leg­endary cable entre­pre­neur Ted Turner part­nered with DIC Enter­prises in 1990 to cre­ate the world’s first ani­mated envi­ron­men­tal series, Cap­tain Planet And The Plan­e­teers. The half-hour series was about a group of young peo­ple (The Plan­e­teers) who com­bine their spe­cial indi­vid­ual pow­ers (given to them by Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth) to sum­mon Cap­tain Planet, an envi­ron­men­tal super­hero, to bat­tle the world’s worst eco-villains.

Cap­tain Planet fol­lows the adven­tures of five young Plan­e­teers from five dif­fer­ent con­ti­nents as they fight to save our planet from a vari­ety of pol­lut­ing per­pe­tra­tors. Using magic rings given to them by Gaia, the spirit of the earth, these five teenagers (Kwami, Wheeler, Linka, Gi and Ma-Ti) each pos­sess super­nat­ural pow­ers — Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart — which, when com­bined, sum­mon Cap­tain Planet to pre­vent envi­ron­men­tal dis­as­ters and save the world.

Cap­tain Planet and the Plan­e­teers orig­i­nally aired domes­ti­cally and inter­na­tion­ally in syn­di­ca­tion and on cable net­works TBS and TNT. Six full sea­sons of the series were pro­duced in the orig­i­nal run of the series, fea­tur­ing the voice tal­ents of mul­ti­ple guest celebri­ties, includ­ing Whoopi Gold­berg (Gaia), Meg Ryan (Dr. Blight), Mar­tin Sheen (Sly Sludge), Edward Asner (Hog­gish Greedly), James Coburn (Looten Plun­der), Dean Stock­well (Duke Nukem) and Sting (Zarm). Win­ning mul­ti­ple Envi­ron­men­tal Media Awards across its pro­duc­tion, Cap­tain Planet and the Plan­e­teers also scored sev­eral Day­time Emmy nominations.

High­lights of the Cap­tain Planet marathon include:

Trou­ble on the Half Shell” — 6 a.m.: Hog­gish Greedly and Ver­minous Skumm are ship­wrecked on one of the Gala­pa­gos Islands, where some of Skumm’s mutated rats start steal­ing eggs from an endan­gered tor­toise nest. The eggs soon also are con­t­a­m­i­nated by pol­lu­tants, and hatch a new breed of aggres­sive mutant tor­toises, which threaten to wipe out the ecosys­tem. With the help of JASON, a robot remote-controlled by a kid at a New York museum, the Plan­e­teers and Cap­tain Planet must put an end to the destruction.

Plun­der Dam” — 7 a.m.: Looten Plun­der dams off an African village’s river and offers the peo­ple elec­tric­ity to improve ser­vices the river once pro­vided, and some lux­u­ries. The Plan­e­teers real­ize that this means severe loss of fish-life and ani­mals becom­ing wild with thirst, espe­cially since Plun­der has blocked the water he didn’t dam up. The vil­lagers can­not sur­vive long with­out the river, so Cap­tain Planet is sum­moned to help save the ecosys­tem there.

A Hero for Earth” — 8 a.m.: The Spirit of Earth, Gaia, is woken from a century-long sleep to dis­cover that Earth is dying because of humans’ care­less­ness in defor­esta­tion, pol­lu­tion and over-hunting. She sends a quin­tet of rings out to five youths around the world as newly-appointed Plan­e­teers. When they com­bine their new indi­vid­ual pow­ers they are able to sum­mon Cap­tain Planet.

Skumm Lord” — 8:30 a.m.: Ver­minous Skumm cre­ates a sub­stance that, when placed in water, will mutate its drinker into a rat-resembling char­ac­ter who will­ingly serves him. The Plan­e­teers go to stop him, but Wheeler falls into a vat of it, and Linka and Gi are splashed, so the oth­ers must hurry to recover an endan­gered plant Ma-Ti’s friend the Shaman believes may cure them. Mean­while, Skumm plans to place the liq­uid in Ma-Ti’s vil­lage water sup­ply, then the Ama­zon to infect the coun­try and per­haps even the world.

Mis­sion to Save Earth” — 10 to 11 a.m.: In this one-hour spe­cial, vil­lains Looten Plun­der, Dr. Blight, Ver­minous Skumm, Duke Nukem and Sly Sludge team up to defeat the Plan­e­teers by get­ting pow­ers sim­i­lar to the ones they steal from their rings. Armed only with their brains and tech­nol­ogy to sub­sti­tute for their pow­ers, the Plan­e­teers must recover their stolen rings, sum­mon Cap­tain Planet, and defeat the team of pol­luters from destroy­ing the world.

Fare Thee Whale” — 1 p.m.: Looten Plun­der leads a whal­ing oper­a­tion with Dr. Blight aboard attempt­ing to con­coct the per­fect poi­son, and the Plan­e­teers are enraged to see that it is legal for him to kill whales with calves sim­ply because he claims that he is “exper­i­ment­ing with a new whale-repellent.”

Jail House Flock” — 6 p.m.: After Hog­gish Greedly sneak­ily obtains a per­mit to build houses near wet­lands, Cap­tain Planet and the Plan­e­teers are framed and thrown in jail.

Teers in the Hood” — 7 p.m.: The Plan­e­teers try to put an end to a cycle of vio­lence and bring a mes­sage of peace after Gi’s friend is almost killed in a gang war.

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