The Bongo Punch (1957) — Pepito Chickeeto Theatrical Cartoon

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The Bongo Punch (1979) - Pepito Chickeeto

The Bongo Punch (1957) — Pepito Chickeeto

CotD: “The Bongo Punch” fea­tur­ing Pepito Chic­k­eeto in this musi­cal story from old Mex­ico ani­mated by Wal­ter Lantz.

The Bongo Punch (1957) — Pepito Chic­k­eeto The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

In a musi­cal story from old Mex­ico, we learn how Pepito Chic­k­eeto made his father happy becom­ing box­ing cham­pion, but also sat­is­fied his own wish to play the bongo drums.

Pepe Chic­k­eeto, the world’s cham­pion cock­fighter, is knocked out in the box­ing cham­pi­onship, los­ing the match and the title. Dis­graced and dis­cour­aged, he returns home and tells his hen. She breaks the news that she’s expect­ing a lit­tle chick. Pepe is thrilled, anx­iously antic­i­pat­ing the arrival of the “new champ.” The baby is named Pepito Chic­k­eeto, and father brings him up with but one thought in mind: to have his son become the world’s cham­pion cockfighter.

A rigid train­ing sched­ule is laid out for Pepito, but his heart is not in fight­ing; he loves bongo music, and he’s only happy when he can beat the drums. Pepito pounds on drums, or any­thing resem­bling them, at every oppor­tu­nity until he almost dri­ves his father crazy. Pepito’s mother would like to have him pur­sue a musi­cal career, but she’s afraid to cross her hus­band, so poor Pepito must train and fight from early dawn till late at night. Finally comes the day when Pepito’s ready, and a match is arranged with the world’s champion.

A huge crowd assem­bles, and Pepe prays that the cham­pi­onship which he lost will be regained by Pepito. But– alas– Pepito lacks his father’s fight­ing instincts, and Pepito’s knocked from the ring by a solid blow from the champion.

Pepito’s ready to quit, but Papa kicks Pepito back into the ring. Pepito lands with his foot caught in a pail. He kicks it loose, and it flies into the air and lands, bot­tom side up, on the champion’s head. In his dazed con­di­tion, Pepito mis­takes the pail for a drum. He jumps wildly on the cham­pion and starts beat­ing out a dance rou­tine on the pail. As the rhyth­mic pat­tern increases in inten­sity, Pepito beats harder and harder on the head of his antag­o­nist and finally knocks him out. Pepito wins a fight– and the title– with his “Bongo Punch.”

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