Bobby Hill ID proves good for a drink or six

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"Bobby Hill" ID

Bobby Hill” ID

You’d think that a car­toon pic­ture of Bobby Hill (of King of the Hill fame) on an ID card would raise booze salesmen’s eyebrows.

But in an under­cover oper­a­tion, a teenager used it suc­cess­fully to buy alco­hol six times in England’s Not­ting­hamshire county. More­over, the age given on the card was 17 — under legal drink­ing age in Britain.

Over half of the 22 stores checked by the county coun­cil trad­ing stan­dards oper­a­tion either sold the teenager alco­hol with­out ask­ing for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion at all, or accepted the Bobby Hill ID. Six stores checked his fake ID card, but still sold him the alco­hol. Another seven stores didn’t ask for identification.

We take the sale of age-restricted prod­ucts to chil­dren very seri­ously,” said Mick Mur­phy, the chair­man of the council’s com­mu­nity safety com­mit­tee. “Although the vol­un­teer was 18, we would strongly rec­om­mend that retail­ers always ask pur­chasers of goods such as alco­hol and cig­a­rettes for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion if they look under 25.

It is dis­ap­point­ing that around a quar­ter of the shops tested did not prop­erly check the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion that they asked for before accept­ing it. We are warn­ing shops that we are con­sid­er­ing using a child with fake ID fol­low­ing the results of this exer­cise,” Mur­phy added.

The coun­cil said that it would advise all the retail­ers who incor­rectly served the vol­un­teer, encour­ag­ing them to adopt a “Chal­lenge 25″ pol­icy when sell­ing prod­ucts that require a min­i­mum age.

Under “Chal­lenge 25,” any­one who is older than 18 but looks younger than 25 is encour­aged to carry accept­able ID, such as a card bear­ing the PASS holo­gram, a dri­ving license with a photo or a passport.

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