Big Top Bunny (1951) — Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Big Top Bunny (1951) - Merrie Melodies

Big Top Bunny (1951) — Mer­rie Melodies

CotD: Is Bruno the best act in the cir­cus? Watch “Big Top Bunny” and see who gets the last laugh!

Big Top Bunny (1951) — Mer­rie Melodies The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

When Bugs joins a trav­el­ing cir­cus, he vies to become the hit attrac­tion. His jeal­ous arch-enemy, Bruno the Russ­ian Bear, starts a feud, and always seems to be one step behind his co-star. Bruno tries to sab­o­tage Bugs at every level, but Bugs pre­vails. Even on the high wire, he makes a fool of the bear!

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