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Mickey MouseGood ques­tion– what can you expect when you sign up to grab our feed…

Here on the Big Car­toon Blog, we pick a car­toon of the day, every day. This is an impor­tant car­toon from his­tory, that released on that spe­cific day. This car­toon will also have a video linked right in, so if you have not seen it (or for­got­ten how good it was!), you can link right over and watch it right away.

In addi­tion to the CotD, we post the lat­est news from the world of ani­ma­tion, every day. From who won the best ani­mated film at the Oscars to what new series are com­ing out on Nick, we post it for you. You can sub­scribe to our RSS feed here, and just have our feed deliv­ered to your reader when we post…

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bugs bunnyHere at the Big Car­toon Data­Base, car­toons are what we do. We have the largest, most com­plete online data­base of car­toons avail­able any­where. Yes, big­ger, more com­plete than imdb or Eas­ier to use, too. You can rate any car­toon, or post your notes on your favorite ani­mated films with­out need­ing to reg­is­ter. Just pop over to the Big Car­toon Data­Base and start surf­ing, we know you’ll have a blast!

And if you have a ques­tion, or want to learn more, dive in to the Big Car­toon Forum. Yes, mem­ber­ship is required to post… but not to read!

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