Betty In Blunderland (1934) — Betty Boop Cartoon Series

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Betty In Blunderland

Betty In Blunderland

CotD: Babe Ruth makes a cameo appear­ance as Twee­dle­dum and Twee­dledee in “Betty In Blun­der­land”. Also look for Ed Wynn in this short.

Betty In Blun­der­land (1934) — Betty Boop Car­toon Series

Betty Boop falls asleep while work­ing on a jig­saw puz­zle of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Won­der­land” char­ac­ters. The White Rab­bit in the puz­zle comes to life, and Betty fol­lows him through the mir­ror (a.k.a. look­ing glass) into Blun­der­land, which is just like Won­der­land, except that it has sub­way stations.

She finds her­self in front of a minia­ture sub­way kiosk, through which the rab­bit has passed. She wig­gles through and falls down a long well, and crawls through a tun­nel, find­ing her­self in a room where char­ac­ters make them­selves small by drink­ing Shrink-ola.

Betty drinks some her­self, and shrinks to being small enough to pass through a tiny exit. She meets up with the Car­pen­ter and the Wal­rus, Twee­dledee and Twee­dle­dum, the Mad Hat­ter, the White Rab­bit and the Queen of Hearts.

After all the inhab­i­tants of Blun­der­land emerge from the Mad Hatter’s hat, Betty greets them in song (“How Do You Do”) while they engage in var­i­ous spot gags. Sud­denly, the mon­strous Jab­ber­wock flows out of the Mad Hatter’s hat and car­ries Betty off; the Blun­der­lan­di­ans give chase in an attempt to res­cue her.

The mon­ster drops Betty over a cliff and she lands, sur­rounded by the Car­roll char­ac­ters. After the entire com­pany gets pitched over a cliff, Betty wakes up. She catches the White Rab­bit and puts him back in the puz­zle, where he belongs.

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