Bento Animation To Open In Atlanta

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Bento Box Entertainment

California based animation studio Bento Box Entertainment has announced a new branch studio to open in north west Atlanta by the end of the year. Bento Box is the producer of the Fox series Bobs Burgers. The new studio is expected to employee about 100 artists, and up to three hundred within 3 years.

The south, and Atlanta in particular, has seen a boom in TV and Film production over the last few years. Floyd County Productions, the creator of FX’s “Archer” series, has about 100 employees based in offices near the Virginia-Highland neighborhood. And Stargate Studios, a special effects company, recently expanded to metro Atlanta for work on AMC’s popular zombie drama “The Walking Dead.”

And, of course, there’s Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting’s 24-hour animation station, which is celebrating its 20th birthday Monday. From rather humble beginnings, the network now reaches an audience of more than 360 million homes worldwide.

Animation studios are increasingly drawn to Atlanta for its proximity to industry stalwarts such as Turner Broadcasting and access to a large potential workforce. Bento Box credited the state’s rich talent pool — legions of students trained at local art schools — as well as a tax break of up to 30 percent of a production’s budget for film and TV companies that spend at least $500,000 on a project.

The company has spent the past three months training its first few dozen employees, is already set to do animation work for two TV series. One is a show called “The Awesomes,” an original series from “Saturday Night Live” head writer Seth Meyers for the Hulu online network. Another, called “Out There,” will be featured on the IFC channel.

Greenberg said the work for these two programs would have otherwise been bid out to Korea, China or another international locale. But he was convinced Atlanta is a better alternative, thanks in part to its vibrant arts community.

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