Bedknobs And Broomsticks (1971) — Theatrical Film with Animated Segments

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Bedknobs And Broomsticks (1971) -  Theatrical Film

Bed­knobs And Broom­sticks (1971) — The­atri­cal Film

CotD: Orig­i­nally intended as a sequel to “Mary Pop­pins”, “Bed­knobs And Broom­sticks” was not quite as pop­u­lar as its predecessor…

Bed­knobs And Broom­sticks (1971) — The­atri­cal Film with Ani­mated Segments

In Eng­land dur­ing World War II, three young kids are forced to evac­u­ate their home and move in with the eccen­tric Eglan­tine Price. At first the youths are unhappy– until they dis­cover that Eglan­tine is study­ing to become a witch. Appren­tice witch Eglan­tine teaches the chil­dren magic, using her new pow­ers to take them on fan­tas­tic, fun-filled adven­tures, all of which they expe­ri­ence on a fly­ing bed­frame. But when the neo­phyte witch decides to use her pow­ers to help the Brits win the war, will she suc­ceed… or will she just cre­ate more havoc? The kids, Eglan­tine and a cyn­i­cal con­man search for the miss­ing com­po­nent to a magic spell use­ful to the defense of Britain.

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