BCDB Upgrades To New Forum

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BCDB ForumThe Big Car­toon Data­Base announced upgrad­ing their forum to a new soft­ware pack­age this week­end, and the new forum went live Sat­ur­day morn­ing. The upgrade was also accom­pa­nied with a change in URLs, to the new loca­tion http://forums.bcdb.com/. The changeover went over smoothly, with no major glitches accord­ing to BCDB. All of the cur­rent mod­er­a­tors and Admins from the old forum moved over to the new.

So why the move? Accord­ing to BCDB pub­lisher Dave Koch, “The old soft­ware was released in 2001, and was a bit long in the tooth. Despite promises of upgrades, the soft­ware just could not com­pete cred­i­bly in 2013. It was just time to move on.” The new forum will fea­ture such user upgrades as log­ging in with your Face­book account, Karma vot­ing for posts, and enhanced post­ing options. Under the hood, the forum fea­tures direct inte­gra­tion with Google, Face­book and Twit­ter. The back end is faster and will grow with the user base with­out slow­ing down noticeably.

But with all the good, there is some bad. There was no way BCDB could import their old forum con­tent. BCDB Mod­er­a­tors moved over a lot of the cur­rent con­tent– upwards of three thou­sand posts. But the old soft­ware was so old there was no way to import the exist­ing posts and user base.

Users will need to re-register ion the new forum. Koch says the trade off was worth it. “It was a tough choice– there was a lot of great infor­ma­tion in the old forum. But the old sys­tem just could not han­dle the real world require­ments of 2013. It was a tough choice, but we knew we would face this choice some­time going for­ward. So we decided today was the day… we think ulti­mately this serves our users best. We feel that the good over­whelms the bad, and this move was a good idea, and our only real choice.”

Response has been strong over the first week­end accord­ing to BCDB. In the first 24 hours, almost 100 new users have signed up on the new forum.

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