BCDB Upgrades To New Forum

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BCDB ForumThe Big Cartoon DataBase announced upgrading their forum to a new software package this weekend, and the new forum went live Saturday morning. The upgrade was also accompanied with a change in URLs, to the new location http://forums.bcdb.com/. The changeover went over smoothly, with no major glitches according to BCDB. All of the current moderators and Admins from the old forum moved over to the new.

So why the move? According to BCDB publisher Dave Koch, “The old software was released in 2001, and was a bit long in the tooth. Despite promises of upgrades, the software just could not compete credibly in 2013. It was just time to move on.” The new forum will feature such user upgrades as logging in with your Facebook account, Karma voting for posts, and enhanced posting options. Under the hood, the forum features direct integration with Google, Facebook and Twitter. The back end is faster and will grow with the user base without slowing down noticeably.

But with all the good, there is some bad. There was no way BCDB could import their old forum content. BCDB Moderators moved over a lot of the current content- upwards of three thousand posts. But the old software was so old there was no way to import the existing posts and user base.

Users will need to re-register ion the new forum. Koch says the trade off was worth it. “It was a tough choice- there was a lot of great information in the old forum. But the old system just could not handle the real world requirements of 2013. It was a tough choice, but we knew we would face this choice sometime going forward. So we decided today was the day… we think ultimately this serves our users best. We feel that the good overwhelms the bad, and this move was a good idea, and our only real choice.”

Response has been strong over the first weekend according to BCDB. In the first 24 hours, almost 100 new users have signed up on the new forum.

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