Cartoon DataBase Hits 150 Thousand Entries

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blog_imageIt took a while, but we are finally here! The Big Cartoon DataBase hit the milestone of 150,000 entries earlier today with the addition of the cartoon The Polish Language. This film was added to BCDB on May 9th, 2014 at 4:23 PM. It was originally submitted by Ethan Minovitz. We would like to thank all the people who helped us get to this point- all the contributors, all the users and everyone else who has had a hand in helping the DataBase become what it is today. To all of you- a big, heart-felt: THANK YOU!

To help celebrate this milestone, we are proud to unveil our now look- a whole new design for the BCDB! Our last big milestone we celebrated was The Clouds Roll By which was our 100,00th cartoon. It entered the BCDB on June 24, 2009 at 10:44 AM. So it took about 10 years- a little over, actually, for us to get there. And it looks like we are right on the money for # 150K- about five years later. Not too bad for a private little project! Now I have my sites set on 200k!

150000To celebrate the 150,000th entry, we are happy to present a new make over for the website. Some things have changes, some things have been dropped, and other new things are added in this half-million dollar face-lift. For veterans of BCDB, you should have no problems getting around- all the stuff you expect are still here, just maybe in a different place.

But what I hope this makeover will achieve is making the site a little less hard to navigate for the new users. We have moved to a more conventional lay out… menu at the top, side bar, etc. Hopefully, it is a cleaner look, too. I would be real interested in what you think- so do not be afraid to leave me a note.

If you have any ideas for things to add to make BCDB even better, please take a moment and drop me a note- I WANT to know! And if something does NOT work, please oh please let me know. I want it all to be working well for everyone!

Again, thank you for being there for BCDB. Without you visiting, looking and adding, we would be nothing. I appreciate your support!

Here is a preview of the new look:



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