Batman (Opening Titles) (1966) – Television Series

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Batman (Opening Titles) (1966) - Television Series

Batman (Opening Titles) (1966) - Television Series

CotD: Today we celebrate “Batman (Opening Titles)” which, while not an animated show, had some very striking animation in its opening credits. And that jazzy theme song….

Batman (Opening Titles) (1966) – Television Series

Coming in as a mid-season replacement, Batman was the second super hero to get a television show. But this one did not take it self quite as seriously as the version of Superman in the 1950’s. Starring Adam West as Batman, and Burt Ward as his side-kicj Robin, the pair were on two nights a week, with a cliff hanger episode between the shows.

The show spawned a movie, produced as they shot the show, and appeaing in theaters between the fisrt and second seasons. The movie had no animated opening title. The series ran for 120 episodes and ending in 1968 with a series of single episode shows.

Though type-cast by the show, both its stars would return tpo play the caped crusaders again in Filmations’ The New Adventures of Batman in 1977.

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