Bardin’s “The Ugly Duckling” wins at Anim’est fest

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"The Ugly Duckling" ("Gadkiy utyonok," or "Гадкий утенок)

"The Ugly Duckling" ("Gadkiy utyonok," or "Гадкий утенок)

The Ugly Duckling” (“Gadkiy utyonok,” or “Гадкий утенок” directed by Garri Bardin of Russia, received the Best Feature Film Award late Saturday at the sixth annual Anim’est Animation Film Festival in Bucharest

The Anim’est Trophy, presented to a film in the Short Film competition, went to Body Memory (Keha mälu), directed by Ülo Pikkov of Estonia. The Best Short Film Award was presented to David O’Reilly’s The External World, made in Germany.

Special Mention of the Jury for a Short Film was presented to Millhaven, by Bartek Kulas of Poland.

White no White (Weiß kein weiß), directed by Germany’s Samo and Anna Bergmann, received the Best Student Film Award. Special Mention of the Jury for a Student Film was presented to Ishihara, by Yoav Brill of Israel.

The Scream (Tipatul), directed by Sebastian Cosor, won the Best Romanian Film Award. It also was named Best Film in the Balkanimation competition.

“I Say Fever – Ramona Falls,” directed by Stefan Nadelmann, of the United States, won the Best Music Video Award. The Best Advertising Award was presented to the commercial “Vitra – Kuubo,” directed by Switzerland’s Adrian Flückiger.

The Audience Award, presented to a short film in the Mozaic section, was handed out to Flamingo Pride, by Tomer Eshed of Germany.

The Gruffalo, by Jakob Schuh and Max Lang of the United Kingdom, received the Award for Best Short Film in the Minimest lineup.

Isabela Petrasincu won the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to an outstanding Romanian animator.

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