Bardin’s “The Ugly Duckling” wins at Anim’est fest

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"The Ugly Duckling" ("Gadkiy utyonok," or "Гадкий утенок)

The Ugly Duck­ling” (“Gad­kiy uty­onok,” or “Гадкий утенок)

The Ugly Duck­ling” (“Gad­kiy uty­onok,” or “Гадкий утенок” directed by Garri Bardin of Rus­sia, received the Best Fea­ture Film Award late Sat­ur­day at the sixth annual Anim’est Ani­ma­tion Film Fes­ti­val in Bucharest

The Anim’est Tro­phy, pre­sented to a film in the Short Film com­pe­ti­tion, went to Body Mem­ory (Keha mälu), directed by Ülo Pikkov of Esto­nia. The Best Short Film Award was pre­sented to David O’Reilly’s The Exter­nal World, made in Germany.

Spe­cial Men­tion of the Jury for a Short Film was pre­sented to Mill­haven, by Bartek Kulas of Poland.

White no White (Weiß kein weiß), directed by Germany’s Samo and Anna Bergmann, received the Best Stu­dent Film Award. Spe­cial Men­tion of the Jury for a Stu­dent Film was pre­sented to Ishi­hara, by Yoav Brill of Israel.

The Scream (Tipatul), directed by Sebas­t­ian Cosor, won the Best Roman­ian Film Award. It also was named Best Film in the Balka­n­i­ma­tion competition.

I Say Fever – Ramona Falls,” directed by Ste­fan Nadel­mann, of the United States, won the Best Music Video Award. The Best Adver­tis­ing Award was pre­sented to the com­mer­cial “Vitra – Kuubo,” directed by Switzerland’s Adrian Flückiger.

The Audi­ence Award, pre­sented to a short film in the Mozaic sec­tion, was handed out to Flamingo Pride, by Tomer Eshed of Germany.

The Gruffalo, by Jakob Schuh and Max Lang of the United King­dom, received the Award for Best Short Film in the Min­imest lineup.

Isabela Petrasincu won the Life­time Achieve­ment Award, pre­sented to an out­stand­ing Roman­ian animator.

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