Bambi (1942) — Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

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Bambi (1942) - Feature Length

Bambi (1942) — Fea­ture Length

CotD: The art­work and ani­ma­tion from “Bambi” is among the best from Dis­ney, cer­tianly from the “clas­sic” era ~

Bambi (1942) — Fea­ture Length The­atri­cal Ani­mated Film

The for­est is abuzz with the news– a new prince is born in the thicket, a deer fawn named Bambi. With his friends, Thumper the rab­bit and Flower the skunk, Bambi learns of the forest’s won­ders and dan­gers– espe­cially a dan­ger called “Man.” Bambi grows up and fights for the doe Faline, sur­vives a dev­as­tat­ing for­est fire, and ulti­mately takes the place of his father, the Great Prince of the Forest.

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