Bah Wilderness (1943) — Barney Bear Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Bah Wilderness (1943) - Barney Bear

Bah Wilder­ness (1943) — Bar­ney Bear

CotD: Bar­ney Bear was a pop­u­lar series in the for­ties, and “Bah Wilder­ness” was a great short from this series. Watch it today.

Bah Wilder­ness (1943) — Bar­ney Bear The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Bar­ney Bear returns to the wild on a camp­ing trip. Rel­ish­ing a quiet night’s sleep under the stars, our trooper has for­got­ten about the ani­mals that live by night. He sets up camp in the mid­dle of the for­est, where all crea­tures great and small come to give him a hard time and deny him sleep. The cli­max is a hor­ren­dous thun­der and light­ning storm as rain floods the camp­site. A night­mare it’s not, merely an evening full of laughs.

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