Avatar (1994) — Batman: The Animated Series

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#CotD: From the sec­ond sea­son of Bat­man, “Avatar” had Ra’s Al Ghul face off against Bat­man and Talia.

Avatar (1994) — Bat­man: The Ani­mated Series

A mys­tic Egypt­ian scroll donated to the Gotham museum by Bruce Wayne is stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul, and Bat­man and Talia must join forces to pre­vent the power-mad Ra’s from unlock­ing the scroll’s secrets of life and death. Their quest takes them to a hid­den tem­ple deep beneath the Egypt­ian desert. There the Dark Knight is forced into a ter­ri­fy­ing bat­tle with an ancient Egypt­ian sor­cer­ess who seeks to destroy them all.

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