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Cartoon of the Day: How To Ride A Horse

How To Ride A Horse

How To Ride A Horse

From a sort of infor­mal series, How To Ride A Horse is one of those Goofy shorts that just make you laugh. Goofy is amaz­ing, he can carry a whole short and even a whole series, all by himself.

In this short, Goofy has a dif­fi­cult time try­ing to ride a horse.

Orig­i­nally released as part of the fea­ture “The Reluc­tant Dragon.”

Cartoon for the Day: One Man Band

One Man Band

One Man Band

While it was eight years ago today that PIXAR released One Man Band, it almost another half year for any­one to see it. Well, any­one that wasn’t in France at Annecy, at least. DO you remem­ber what film this was ulti­mately paired with for it’s the­atri­cal release?

Like most PIXAR shorts, the story was short… and the char­ac­ters sweet. Two street per­form­ers com­pete for a small child’s last coin.

Release date reflects first show­ing at the 29th Annecy Inter­na­tional Ani­mated Film Fes­ti­val in Annecy, France. Gen­eral release was attached to PIXAR Films Cars on June 9, 2006.

Vio­lin­ists who “por­trayed” the char­ac­ters are Clay­ton Haslop (“Tre­ble”) and Mark Robert­son (“Tippy”). The score was recorded at the Para­mount Scor­ing Stage uti­lized a 38-piece orches­tra as well as the two soloists.

Cartoon for the Day: Boobs In The Woods

Boobs In The Woods

Boobs In The Woods

From 1950 we have this clas­sic pair­ing of Daffy Duck and Porky Pig in Boobs In The Woods. This Looney Tune was directed by Robert McKim­son and writ­ten by War­ren Foster.

Porky sets out to the great out­doors to paint land­scapes, but Daffy claims that the lake and moun­tains are his, and he refuses to let Porky paint them.

Songs include: “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” (Cliff Friend, Dave Franklin), Per­formed by Daffy Duck.

Le Oops: Porn Film replaces French Nursery Cartoon

French Flag

The class in a French nurs­ery school was expect­ing to watch a car­toon that their teacher had down­loaded from the Internet.

Instead, they saw a hard­core porn movie for sev­eral min­utes. And rouge-faced author­i­ties on Wednes­day called it an “extremely regret­table accident.”

The chil­dren, between three and five years old, attended school in Authieux-sur-le-Port-Saint-Ouen, near the city Rouen in Normandy.

The teacher clicked on the wrong file and left the room right after. She only real­ized that she’d made a boo-boo when she returned five min­utes later. The shocked tod­dlers reported the mis­take to their parents.

French net­work TF1 said that the mayor of the com­mune called the blun­der a “pro­fes­sional error.”

An inves­ti­ga­tion is under­way, and the teacher now faces dis­ci­pli­nary action, edu­ca­tion offi­cials said.

Var­i­ous reports in French media said that par­ents at the school had sym­pa­thy for the teacher, but con­firmed the images shocked their kids.

Cartoon of the Day: Gerald McBoing Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing

Ger­ald McBo­ing Boing

From Colum­bia and UPA films, Ger­ald McBo­ing Boing was an Acad­emy Award Win­ner in 1951. For such a highly regarded short, it is not rated high at BCDB. What do you think, is this wor­thy of an Oscar, or is the BCDB rat­ing justified?

Ger­ald, who doesn’t speak words but goes “boing boing” instead, finds his tal­ents unap­pre­ci­ated by fam­ily and friends, and so he runs away from home. How­ever, a kindly radio sta­tion boss is quick to spot his potential…

At age 2, the lit­tle boy, instead of start­ing to talk, pro­duces sound effects. The des­per­ate father calls on Dr. Mal­one, who, after exam­in­ing Ger­ald, declares that there’s noth­ing he can do. The par­ents are con­stantly being scared by Ger­ald, so they send him to school, hop­ing that he’ll learn words, but he’s sent home. When he tries to play with boys and girls, he’s rejected.

Depressed, Ger­ald runs away from home, but he’s found by a radio pro­gram pro­ducer, who hires him to do sound effects for his pro­grams. As the announcer describes the action, Ger­ald pro­duces the appro­pri­ate sound effects, using a script. He becomes a big hit, sign­ing auto­graphs for his fans, and his now-proud par­ents accom­pany him in a gigan­tic new car.

In 1995, Ger­ald McBo­ing Boing was one of 25 films added by the Library of Con­gress’ National Film Preser­va­tion Board to the National Film Registry.

Euro­pean title: “The Boing-Boing Boy in Planet Moo.”

Cartoon of the Day: Musica-Lulu



Isadore Spar­ber directed Musica-Lulu in 1947. By then, ani­mated films were quite mature in pro­duc­tion and story. The Lit­tle Lulu car­toons, at least story-wise were still a throw back to the thir­ties. Based on a comic strip by Marge, Famous even­tu­ally tired of pay­ing her roy­al­ties on the char­ac­ter, and devel­oped their own “cute lit­tle girl”, Lit­tle Audrey.

Lit­tle Lulu would rather play base­ball with Tubby and the gang instead of prac­tic­ing her vio­lin. She gets hit in the head, and dreams about being taken to the “Musi­cal Court of Jus­tice” for pros­e­cu­tion and trial. Really bizarre and surreal!

The U.M.&M. TV Corp. prints call this car­toon Musi­cal Lulu.

Cartoon of the Day: Rebel Rumble

The Peter Potamus Show

The Peter Pota­mus Show

Today’s CotD is Rebel Rum­ble, an episode from The Peter Pota­mus Show. Hana and Bar­bera took a new tack with this show, one that would pay of for years. The stu­dio began sell­ing ani­mated half-hour blocks directly into syn­di­ca­tion. The new out­let grew the stu­dio faster than any­one thought pos­si­ble. After win­ning in syn­di­ca­tion, ABC saw the light and brought this show back to net­work television.

Peter and So-So land in Amer­ica dur­ing the time of the Rev­o­lu­tion. Peter and So-So spread the word that the red­coats are com­ing from their bal­loon. They are shot down by British sol­diers. They escape pur­suit don­ning British uni­forms but then are chased back to their bal­loon by Amer­i­can troops.

This show began its run in syn­di­ca­tion as Peter Pota­mus and his Magic Fly­ing Bal­loon, but was picked up by ABC on Jan­u­ary 2, 1966.

Cartoon of the Day: Bad Luck Blackie

Bad Luck Blackie

Bad Luck Blackie

Our first Tex Avery short of the year is Bad Luck Blackie, from 1949. Not his most pop­u­lar char­ac­ter or short, but one worth watch­ing if you are a fan of Avery.

Bad Luck Blackie is a black cat whose job it is to bring bad luck wher­ever needed… and it IS needed by a poor lit­tle kit­ten, con­stantly tor­tured by an evil bull­dog. “When­ever you need me, just blow the whis­tle,” Blackie says to the kitten.

When­ever the dog both­ers the kit­ten, the kit­ten blows the whis­tle and Blackie comes out of nowhere, cross­ing the dog’s path and giv­ing him bad luck… usu­ally in the form of some­thing large and heavy falling on him from the sky!

As his luck gets worse and worse, the objects get big­ger and big­ger. Falling objects include (in suc­ces­sive order) a flow­er­pot, a kitchen sink and a battleship.

Cartoon of the Day: Hurdy-Gurdy Hare

Hurdy-Gurdy Hare

Hurdy-Gurdy Hare

Robert McKim­son paired Bugs Bunny with Grue­some Gorilla in 1950 for Hurdy-Gurdy Hare. Any­time Bugs got to play against the Gorilla it was fun, and this film was no excep­tion. Seen it? Watch it today if it has been a while, or you need a good laugh or three!

Bugs buys a hurdy-gurdy and a mon­key so that he can enter the music busi­ness, but the mon­key rips him off.

Cartoon of the Day: So Dear To My Heart

So Dear To My Heart

So Dear To My Heart

Prob­a­bly the least known and least watch Dis­ney ani­mated film of all time, So Dear To My Heart is even less watched than Song of the South. Most peo­ple cab at least sing Zipitty Do Dah  from Song of the South.… who can even tell you who starred in So Dear To My Heart?

This live-action and ani­ma­tion fea­ture stars Burl Ives, telling a story of a deter­mined young coun­try boy and his mis­chie­vous black lamb. While day­dream­ing of win­ning a blue rib­bon at the county fair, Jeremiah’s scrap­book comes to life with ani­mated sequences.

And, in addi­tion to Burl Ives, So Dear To My Heart fea­tured Bobby Driscoll, one of the stars of Song of the South and the boy who voiced Peter Pan.