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BCDB Upgrades To New Forum

BCDB ForumThe Big Car­toon Data­Base announced upgrad­ing their forum to a new soft­ware pack­age this week­end, and the new forum went live Sat­ur­day morn­ing. The upgrade was also accom­pa­nied with a change in URLs, to the new loca­tion The changeover went over smoothly, with no major glitches accord­ing to BCDB. All of the cur­rent mod­er­a­tors and Admins from the old forum moved over to the new.

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Disney Grabs The Oscars


It was a big night for Dis­ney ani­ma­tion at the Oscars tonight with Dis­ney short Paper­man tak­ing home Best Ani­mated Short, and Disney/PIXAR’s Brave grab­bing the stat­uette for Best Ani­mated Fea­ture. Paper­man had pre­vi­ously won the Annie for Best Short, while Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph had won the Annie for Best Fea­ture Film… so not so much on the Annies pre­dict­ing the Oscars anymore.

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Cartoon of the Day: Cinderella


From this date in 1950 comes a Dis­ney fea­ture film based on a story by Charles Per­rault. Cin­derella really marked the return of the Dis­ney stu­dios top the ani­mated fea­ture film, and marked the begin­ning of the mid­dle period of the Dis­ney oeuvre.

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Cartoon of the Day: Rango

RangoReleased two years ago today, and last year’s win­ner of the Acad­emy Award for best fea­ture ani­mated film, the car­toon oif the day is Rango. Directed by Gore Verbin­ski and star­ring Johnny Depp– wow, that sounds like a cou­ple of pirate films we know– this styl­ish west­ern was on the tops of many lists last year. Let us know what you thought of this one.

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Cartoon of the Day: Freeway Phobia No. 1

Freeway Phobia No. 1Goofy was always good fun, and good fod­der for sto­ries. Free­way Pho­bia No. 1, with a story writ­ten by William R. Bosché is no excep­tion. And, as in many pre­vi­ous films, Goofy plays all the parts. Watch this today for a great belly laugh!

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Cartoon of the Day: Ali Baba Bunny

Ali Baba Bunny

Ali Baba Bunny

A short so funny we could make it a car­toon of the week, Ali Baba Bunny released on this date in 1957. One of the clas­sic Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny pair­ings, this one also included the run­ning gag about “I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque…”

After a goofed up left turn at Albu­querque (on their way to Pismo Beach), Bugs and Daffy end up in Ali Baba’s treasure-filled cave. Has­san Chop!

The end is absolutely hilar­i­ous! If you haven’t seen this one in a while, it is worth a watch again today on BCDB!

Cartoon of the Day: The Early Bird And The Worm

The Early Bird And The Worm

The Early Bird And The Worm

Today’s CotD takes us back to 1936 for The Early Bird And The Worm. Directed by Rudolf Ising, this color short was from the Happy Har­monies The­atri­cal Car­toon Series.

A sprightly young bird gets up early, the bet­ter to get the jump on his neigh­bor­hood worm, but he finds his quarry elu­sive. The worm, for his part, sets off with a flute and jazzes along hap­pily, out-finessing the bird repeat­edly. Then a pair of shift­less crows debate the virtues of early ris­ing and decide that no worm is worth it (clearly, these are shift­less “Negro” stereo­types, though the eth­nic angle isn’t stressed here so much). Finally, a rat­tlesnake prac­tices some hyp­notic moves on both bird and worm before get­ting tied up in knots.

The two lazy crows are car­i­ca­tures of then-famous black­face com­edy team Moran and Mack. Much of their dia­logue is directly lifted from their hit 1920s com­edy record­ing “Two Black Crows.”

Cartoon of the Day: I Yabba-Dabba Do!

I Yabba-Dabba Do!

I Yabba-Dabba Do!

Who is cel­e­brat­ing their twen­ti­eth anniver­sary today? The two stone-age kids that grew up next door to each other– Peb­bles and Bamm-Bamm! In 1993, ABC aired I Yabba-Dabba Do!, a spe­cial directed by ani­ma­tion giant William Hanna. How tough was it for Fred to give away the bride?

Peb­bles and Bamm-Bamm get mar­ried but not before endur­ing all the antics and con­fu­sion that seem to accom­pany every Flint­stones affair.

Sort of the oppo­site of all those eight­ies car­toon series in which grown-up char­ac­ters are shown in their youth. You know, the Mup­pet Babies, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo or Flint­stone Kids.…


Cartoon of the Day: Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Today would be the 60th anniver­sary of that kids film about being a grown up kid, Peter Pan. One of my per­sonal favorites, Peter Pan is prob­a­bly the per­fect Dis­ney film– action, adven­ture, great back­grounds and ani­ma­tion, and a stel­lar voice cast. Sec­ond star on the right, and on until dawn…

Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up, arrives in the Lon­don nurs­ery of the Dar­ling chil­dren: Wendy, Michael and John. He teaches the chil­dren to fly (with the help of Tin­ker Bell’s pixie dust), then takes them all to Never Land so Wendy can be mother to Peter’s tribe of Lost Boys. In Never Land, there are flir­ta­tious mer­maids, sav­age Indi­ans, and wicked pirates-including Peter’s great neme­sis, Cap­tain Hook. A series of dan­ger­ous and excit­ing cloak-and-dagger adven­tures with Cap­tain Hook and Peter leads to the villain’s ulti­mate defeat, and Peter takes the Dar­ling chil­dren home in the cap­tured pirate ship, which now soars through the sky, thanks to a lit­tle con­tri­bu­tion from Tin­ker Bell.

Cartoon of the Day: The Case Of The Maltese Chicken

The Case Of The Maltese Chicken

The Case Of The Mal­tese Chicken

In 1964, Inspec­tor Willoughby too on The Case Of The Mal­tese Chicken. Inspec­tor Willoughby was one of the later Wal­ter Lantz series, begin­ning in 1960 and run­ning 12 cartoons.

In this the­atri­cal short, Inspec­tor Willoughby tries to retrieve The Mal­tese Chicken from the evil ori­en­tal vil­lain Egg Foo Yung.

Woody Wood­pecker makes a cameo appear­ance hid­den inside The Mal­tese Chicken.

Based on Jack Hannah’s Ranger Wood­lore from his days at Disney.