Arthur Et Les Minimoys (2006) — (Arthur And The Invisibles) Theatrical Cartoon

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Arthur Et Les Minimoys (2006) - (Arthur And The Invisibles)

Arthur Et Les Min­i­moys (2006) — (Arthur And The Invisibles)

CotD: The French ani­mated pro­duc­tion “Arthur Et Les Min­i­moys” had a stel­lar cast, and was directed by the great French direc­tor Luc Besson.

Arthur Et Les Min­i­moys (2006) — (Arthur And The Invis­i­bles) The­atri­cal Cartoon

It all began with a cryp­tic mes­sage left in an old book of magic spells. “To find the coun­try of the Min­i­moys, trust in Shakespeare.”

Arthur knows that this is a sign from his Grandpa Archibald, who dis­ap­peared mys­te­ri­ously four years ago. But where is he? Where is the trea­sure trove of rubies that it is said he brought back from Africa? Arthur’s Grandma could really use it to pay off all the debts that have accu­mu­lated since her hus­band dis­ap­peared. Time is run­ning out. If Grandma doesn’t pay her cred­i­tors very soon, the house and gar­den will be demol­ished and replaced by aus­tere con­crete high-rises.

It’s 10-year-old Arthur, whose pint-size stature con­ceals huge resources of intel­li­gence, brav­ery and dar­ing, who finds the pas­sage into the world of the Min­i­moys, these tiny lit­tle beings who are barely two mil­lime­ters tall.

It’s a fab­u­lous land nestling in the grass of Arthur’s back yard, a world like none you have ever seen before! A mes­mer­iz­ing world full of sur­prises that Arthur dis­cov­ers in the volatile com­pany of Min­i­moy Princess Sele­nia. They set off to find Archibald and his rubies, but don’t go think­ing it’ll be easy! Any num­ber of dan­gers lie in wait for them, begin­ning with The Evil M and his hor­ri­ble Seide warriors.

One last piece of advice before you start read­ing this story: don’t ever say the word “Mal­tazard” out loud! Ignore this warn­ing at your peril!

Will our three heroes suc­ceed in out­wit­ting the dia­bol­i­cal Maltazard?

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