Arthur Et Les Minimoys (2006) – (Arthur And The Invisibles) Theatrical Cartoon

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Arthur Et Les Minimoys (2006) - (Arthur And The Invisibles)

Arthur Et Les Minimoys (2006) - (Arthur And The Invisibles)

CotD: The French animated production “Arthur Et Les Minimoys” had a stellar cast, and was directed by the great French director Luc Besson.

Arthur Et Les Minimoys (2006) – (Arthur And The Invisibles) Theatrical Cartoon

It all began with a cryptic message left in an old book of magic spells. “To find the country of the Minimoys, trust in Shakespeare.”

Arthur knows that this is a sign from his Grandpa Archibald, who disappeared mysteriously four years ago. But where is he? Where is the treasure trove of rubies that it is said he brought back from Africa? Arthur’s Grandma could really use it to pay off all the debts that have accumulated since her husband disappeared. Time is running out. If Grandma doesn’t pay her creditors very soon, the house and garden will be demolished and replaced by austere concrete high-rises.

It’s 10-year-old Arthur, whose pint-size stature conceals huge resources of intelligence, bravery and daring, who finds the passage into the world of the Minimoys, these tiny little beings who are barely two millimeters tall.

It’s a fabulous land nestling in the grass of Arthur’s back yard, a world like none you have ever seen before! A mesmerizing world full of surprises that Arthur discovers in the volatile company of Minimoy Princess Selenia. They set off to find Archibald and his rubies, but don’t go thinking it’ll be easy! Any number of dangers lie in wait for them, beginning with The Evil M and his horrible Seide warriors.

One last piece of advice before you start reading this story: don’t ever say the word “Maltazard” out loud! Ignore this warning at your peril!

Will our three heroes succeed in outwitting the diabolical Maltazard?

Watch “Arthur Et Les Minimoys” on video at Big Cartoon DataBase

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