Apple Andy (1946) — Andy Panda Cartoon Series

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Apple Andy

Apple Andy

#CotD: Want to see Andy Panda go to hell? Watch “Apple Andy” to see a strange twist on the good vs. evil cartoon.

Apple Andy (1946) — Andy Panda Car­toon Series

Andy Panda, walk­ing down a coun­try lane, is tempted to steal an apple. Falling asleep under an apple tree, Andy Panda dreams of his good and bad self.

His evil self appears and per­suades him to go ahead and eat one, in spite of objec­tions from his bet­ter self. His angel tells him what to do to bat­tle the lit­tle devil who’s steer­ing him in the wrong direc­tion. Andy gives into his evil side to steal apples, but he finds out too late that he has gorged him­self on green apples and falls out of the tree, feel­ing very sick. The apple cores dance around him, and the devil panda tempts him again, caus­ing him to fall down a hole into the lower regions, where he’s stuffed with apples, apple sauce and cider.

Andy’s bet­ter self finally comes to his res­cue, knocks his evil self silly, and leads Andy away over the hill.

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