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Oscar Statuette, Academy Awards

Oscar Stat­uette, Acad­emy Awards

Five fea­ture length ani­mated films have been cho­sen by the Acad­emy of Motion Pic­ture Arts and Sci­ences as the best exam­ples of ani­ma­tion over the past year. A cou­ple won­der­ful for­eign films– and a sur­pris­ing pair from Dream­Works Ani­ma­tion– head the list.

Une Vie de Chat (A Cat In Paris)- Folim­age, Jean-Loup Feli­ci­oli, Alain Gag­nol direc­tors. When seven-year-old Zoe learns that her cat, Dino, has been using his late-night wan­der­ings to help a kind­hearted thief, the lit­tle girl embarks on a night­time Parisian adven­ture that may help her come to terms with her father’s recent death.

Chico & Rita- Isle of Man Film, Cin­e­maNX, Fer­nando Trueba Pro­duc­ciones Cin­e­matográ­fi­cas S.A., Magic Light Pic­tures, Javier Mariscal, Fer­nando Trueba direc­tors. When Chico first sees Rita singing in a Cuban night­club, he woos her with music and then loses her through the messi­ness of his own roman­tic life. As the events in their country’s tur­bu­lent his­tory alter both of their lives, the attrac­tion between them remains strong through­out the years that follow.

Kung Fu Panda 2- Dream­Works Ani­ma­tion, Jen­nifer Yuh Nel­son, direc­tor. Now that he is the Dragon War­rior and the leader of the Furi­ous Five, Po con­tin­ues to hone his kung fu skills. When Lord Shen, a dan­ger­ous and arro­gant pea­cock, attempts to take con­trol of the Val­ley of Peace, Po’s quest to com­bat Shen’s dic­ta­to­r­ial ambi­tions leads him to make aston­ish­ing dis­cov­er­ies about his own past.

Puss In Boots- Warner Bros. Pic­tures, Dream­Works Ani­ma­tion, Chris Miller direc­tor. As an orphaned kit­ten, young Puss in Boots suf­fered a dev­as­tat­ing fall from grace engi­neered by his one-time friend, Humpty Dumpty, who has spent the ensu­ing years in prison. Puss nev­er­the­less agrees to team up with Humpty and the beau­ti­ful Kitty Soft­paws to steal three magic beans from a pair of thugs named Jack and Jill.

Rango- Nick­elodeon Movies, Indus­trial Light & Magic, Gore Verbin­ski, direc­tor. When Rango the lizard finds him­self stranded in the Mojave Desert, his green skin unable to cam­ou­flage him in the inhos­pitable brown land­scape, he man­ages to pass him­self off as a deadly gun­slinger. To the des­per­ate, drought-stricken town of Dirt, which is suf­fo­cat­ing in the grip of its cor­rupt mayor, the rep­til­ian stranger soon begins to look like a savior.

Notice­ably absent from the nom­i­nees list is Dis­ney and sub-studio pow­er­house PIXAR.  Their entries this year– Win­nie The Pooh and Cars 2- were bounced by the pair from Dream­Works Ani­ma­tion. Also miss­ing was any men­tion of Steven Spielberg’s motion cap­ture The Adven­tures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Uni­corn which has been rak­ing in awards from all over the world. Per­haps the days of motion cap­ture are over (we can only hope!)

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