An American Tail (1986) — Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures

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An American Tail (1943) - Amblin Entertainment

An Amer­i­can Tail (1943) — Amblin Entertainment

CotD: Amblin Enter­tain­ment released their first fea­ture ani­mated film “An Amer­i­can Tail” on this date in 1986.

An Amer­i­can Tail (1986) — Amblin Enter­tain­ment, Uni­ver­sal Pictures

Fievel is a young Russ­ian mouse sep­a­rated from his par­ents on the way to Amer­ica, a land they think is with­out cats. When he arrives alone in the New World, he keeps up hope, search­ing for his fam­ily, mak­ing new friends, and run­ning and dodg­ing the cats he thought he’d be rid off.

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