Alphamin Adds Four Shows

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French animation house Alphanim, a division of Gaumount, has announced four new shows in development. Get ready for the following new shows.

Bao Battle- Fifty-two episodes in 13 minutes segments. Ever since Kuro, Hip Hop, and Melka discovered Bao Battle, a breathtaking age-old art whose participants perform unimaginable feats, their lives changed for the better! The only downside is that Bao Battle has been outlawed for years by a malicious tyrant… Thanks to the influence of the mysterious Master Moko, Kuro and his friends will decide to hardly practice and face off against the greatest champions of Bao Battle, who have been practicing their art with the uttermost secrecy. Kuro and his friends have begun a quest to do the impossible: challenge the Eternal Grand Counselor, beat him, and make the Bao Battle legal again!

Hamlet & Joe- Seventy-eight seven minute episodes. When the Grobig Department Store closes its doors for the night, JOE, a stiff-shirt, obsessive compulsive robot gets to work keeping the store in tiptop shape. Everything would be perfect – if it weren’t for the downstairs neighbor, HAMLET. He’s a little piglet who seriously lacks table manners and crashes Joe’s party of robotic precision. In other words, he’s a whole lot of fun! Thrown together by circumstance, the two are a brew of conflicting styles. Whether it’s playing in the sports department while wearing roller blades or turning beds into trampolines, Hamlet makes Joe pop a diode!

Pok & Mok- Seventy-eight eight minute episodes. What do you get when you mix Mok, a boy with a mind that goes a mile-a-minute and his hyper pet animal Pok, a short haired gibbon, together? A zippy series that follows their mis-adventures as their parents, Ernest and Penelope, try to put out the fires. All the while, we learn about the environment and why Pok shouldn’t jump down the drain to see where the water flows, or why Mok shouldn’t spray pesticides on plants to make them grow faster! A 78×8’ comedy that approaches environmental issues from a wacky angle.

Spencer- Fifty-two thirteen minute episodes. Spencer is a comedy series centered around 11 year old Spencer Wright, an ordinary boy who just happens to have something extra-ordinary: a guardian angel! The only catch: this angel doesn’t come with wings. He comes with a guitar case, a magic pick, long hair, and a wild, life’s-a-fun-journey-let’s-rock attitude. Yes, Spencer’s guardian is a rock star; a rock star ghost that is. Some kids have no luck!

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