Alphamin Adds Four Shows

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French ani­ma­tion house Alphanim, a divi­sion of Gau­mount, has announced four new shows in devel­op­ment. Get ready for the fol­low­ing new shows.

Bao Bat­tle- Fifty-two episodes in 13 min­utes seg­ments. Ever since Kuro, Hip Hop, and Melka dis­cov­ered Bao Bat­tle, a breath­tak­ing age-old art whose par­tic­i­pants per­form unimag­in­able feats, their lives changed for the bet­ter! The only down­side is that Bao Bat­tle has been out­lawed for years by a mali­cious tyrant… Thanks to the influ­ence of the mys­te­ri­ous Mas­ter Moko, Kuro and his friends will decide to hardly prac­tice and face off against the great­est cham­pi­ons of Bao Bat­tle, who have been prac­tic­ing their art with the utter­most secrecy. Kuro and his friends have begun a quest to do the impos­si­ble: chal­lenge the Eter­nal Grand Coun­selor, beat him, and make the Bao Bat­tle legal again!

Ham­let & Joe- Seventy-eight seven minute episodes. When the Gro­big Depart­ment Store closes its doors for the night, JOE, a stiff-shirt, obses­sive com­pul­sive robot gets to work keep­ing the store in tip­top shape. Every­thing would be per­fect – if it weren’t for the down­stairs neigh­bor, HAMLET. He’s a lit­tle piglet who seri­ously lacks table man­ners and crashes Joe’s party of robotic pre­ci­sion. In other words, he’s a whole lot of fun! Thrown together by cir­cum­stance, the two are a brew of con­flict­ing styles. Whether it’s play­ing in the sports depart­ment while wear­ing roller blades or turn­ing beds into tram­po­lines, Ham­let makes Joe pop a diode!

Pok & Mok- Seventy-eight eight minute episodes. What do you get when you mix Mok, a boy with a mind that goes a mile-a-minute and his hyper pet ani­mal Pok, a short haired gib­bon, together? A zippy series that fol­lows their mis-adventures as their par­ents, Ernest and Pene­lope, try to put out the fires. All the while, we learn about the envi­ron­ment and why Pok shouldn’t jump down the drain to see where the water flows, or why Mok shouldn’t spray pes­ti­cides on plants to make them grow faster! A 78x8’ com­edy that approaches envi­ron­men­tal issues from a wacky angle.

Spencer- Fifty-two thir­teen minute episodes. Spencer is a com­edy series cen­tered around 11 year old Spencer Wright, an ordi­nary boy who just hap­pens to have some­thing extra-ordinary: a guardian angel! The only catch: this angel doesn’t come with wings. He comes with a gui­tar case, a magic pick, long hair, and a wild, life’s-a-fun-journey-let’s-rock atti­tude. Yes, Spencer’s guardian is a rock star; a rock star ghost that is. Some kids have no luck!

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