Alleged “Elmer Fudd” bank robber appears in court

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Daniel L. Teeples- alledged Elmer Fudd Bandit

Daniel L. Teeples- alledged Elmer Fudd Bandit

Called the “Elmer Fudd” bandit due to his recognizable hunting garb, an alleged serial Clark County, Washington bank robber made his first appearance Monday in court.

Police have said that Daniel L. Teeples, 39, was responsible for December and January robberies east of Interstate 205 in Vancouver, Washington. They gave the robber his nickname because during the heists, he always wore plaid shirts and a furry hat with ear flaps, similar to the Looney Tunes character.

Superior Court Judge Rich Melnick set bail at $200,000 for the defendant and his alleged getaway driver, Anne L. Bradley, 31. However, he ordered a second hearing Tuesday to establish what evidence there is against both Vancouver defendants.

Teeples is accused of seven robberies in east Vancouver over two months. Bradley is alleged to have been an accomplice to five.

The two “waived” a probable cause report. This means that during their arrest, a police officer didn’t have to write a report describing the evidence against the pair.

However, because the charges are so serious, Melnick asked Deputy Prosecutor Jeff McCarty to explain the allegations. McCarty replied that he didn’t have the reports with all the facts of the case.

Specially, the judge wanted to know what evidence there was for holding the defendants in jail on suspicion of first-degree robbery. “Was there a weapon? Were there (demand) notes?” the judge asked.

McCarty said the case opened up when police caught the two defendants Thursday evening fleeing a Bank of America branch. Police found money and a money tracker on the pair. During an interview with investigators, they admitted to the other robberies, McCarty said.

Beside’s Thursday’s holdup, police have implicated Teeples in the same branch of the US Bank on December 16 and January 18, a second branch of the US Bank on both January 3 and 18, the Key Bank on December 27, and the Bank of America on January 13.

Asked again about a weapon, McCarty said that he didn’t know. The judge then ordered the prosecutor’s office to submit a probable cause affidavit by Tuesday.

Last Friday, the defendants missed their first scheduled appearance because they were too ill from heroin withdrawals, a deputy prosecutor said. Another hearing is set for this coming Friday, when the defendants are scheduled to be arraigned.

Teeples and Bradley remain in Clark County Jail. The judge appointed attorney George Marlton to represent Teeples and attorney Jeffrey Barrar to represent Bradley.

Remarked Melnick, a former deputy prosecutor: “This is a mess.”

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