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Thank you for vis­it­ing The Big Car­toon Data­Base Blog Site.

This project started because we were bored. And, we wanted an easy way to look up infor­ma­tion about car­toons, a ded­i­cated car­toon fil­mog­ra­phy and in depth episode guide. While IMdb is very good for movies, and has some car­toon infor­ma­tion, it did not seem to us to be enough. So, we decided to make some­thing that did suit our needs, The Big Car­toon Data­Base (and lots of long nights) ensued.

First and fore­most, this is a labor of love. No one gets paid a dime for doing this fil­mog­ra­phy— in fact, we loose money monthly just run­ning the darn thing. But it is some­thing we enjoy, and so we will keep doing it, updat­ing and adding every chance we get. While the project started as a cou­ple of guys in Salt Lake City with too much time on their hands, we are very indebted to those oth­ers– who, like us, love car­toons– and have given freely of their time, hard work and research to help make The Big Car­toon Data­Base what it is today.

BCDB started as an Access data­base on my work com­puter. I had a list of all the Dis­ney fea­ture car­toons (peo­ple often ask me what the “offi­cial” list is, so I kept my own copy). Then I found a fil­mog­ra­phy of about 5000 car­toons that Nobuo Mochizuki main­tains at Shizuoka Uni­ver­sity Library in Japan. Nobuo was very kind and sent us his source, and we had enough info to get started. Since then, infor­ma­tion, car­toon his­tory and episode guides has come from all over the world– Aus­tralia, United King­dom, France, Japan— even Rus­sia. Sup­port has come from fans and pro­fes­sion­als alike, and we could not be more grate­fully for all the sup­port.

We have done our best to val­i­date the infor­ma­tion in the fil­mog­ra­phy. But some­times that can be hard to do, espe­cially for older car­toons. Please con­sider any errors in the data­base ours. How­ever, if you notice errors, it is pos­si­ble to send an error report for an indi­vid­ual car­toon right from its page. We want to do our best to make this the most infor­ma­tive, cor­rect resource possible!

But infor­ma­tion by itself is not use­ful if you can­not present it in an easy to use (and easy to main­tain) fash­ion. We needed scal­a­bil­ity, speed, secu­rity, speed, con­fig­ura­bil­ity and speed. We found all this (and more!) at Gos­samer Threads with Links SQL. While built as a “Links” data­base, àla Yahoo, it pro­vided the basis for what we turned into BCDB. And the sup­port has been tremen­dous– Alex is always avail­able to help in emer­gen­cies. And the online sup­port groups– most notably Pug­dog and Paul– have really helped us craft the episode guide and filmography.

For its first cou­ple years, BCDB existed on a shared server at our host, Aros.Net. But as the Data­base approached 20,000 records, well, a shared server was just not enough. On April 20, 2001, we went live on our own mod­est server, with MySQL being served on a sep­a­rate server from a local ven­dor. Our ini­tial server:

  • Intel Celeron 533 mHz Processor
  • Asus CUV 4X-6 Motherboard
  • 20 Gig 100 MB/s U-ATA HD
  • 512 Megs of 8 ms PC 133 Memory
  • 3COM 509.C 10/100 Ethernet
  • FreeBSD
  • Apache
  • Links SQL
  • mod_perl

A mod­est server to be sure, but we needed to start some­where. Almost two years later in March of 2003, that hardly seems enough. As time has gone on, this project has grown beyond all our orig­i­nal hopes and dreams. The Data­Base is larger that we thought it would be, we are get­ting more hits than we ever thought pos­si­ble, and based on user requests we have added a thriv­ing Forum… things are going well. And all of this load is slow­ing down our mod­est server more. We needed to do some­thing, or have a very mud­dled site.

To that end, in Feb­ru­ary 2003, Big Car­toon Data­Base became a non-profit cor­po­ra­tion. We can now accept tax-exempt dona­tions. Our first pri­or­ity was to gather enough dona­tions to upgrade our server to some­thing that can bet­ter han­dle the traf­fic and loads our site is now plac­ing on the server.

On August 16th, 2003, the upgrade became a real­ity. A lot of research, hard work, sweat, a small amount of blood and one torn ten­don (don’t ask!) resulted in a new, fast and hope­fully expand­able server. With a faster proces­sor, it can eas­ily han­dle the extra loads of a dynamic forum; the RAID 5 disk arrays can get the data­base infor­ma­tion out much quicker, more reli­ably, and with greater secu­rity– this server seems to do it all! And we did it on a bud­get that would make any miser proud. Our new goliath:

All this is packed in a nice, 4 unit high rack mount. You can see the new guy here and here.

In March of 2007, Aros.Net became shak­ing as a host­ing and ISP, so we picked up the servers one day, and moved up the street to X-Mission. We have not had a day down since the move (knock on wood!), and the pipelines seem to be fast and sta­ble. We will be here for a while, I think.

There are a vari­ety of ways you can help us at BCDB. If you are inter­ested in doing some­thing– and any­thing is appre­ci­ated!- please see our spon­sor page.

Cur­rently, the Data­Base holds:

  • 115,059 Car­toons
  • 1,520 Stu­dios
  • 7,211 Series
  • 86,735 Reg­is­tered Users
  • 4,799 Reviews
  • 8,694 Videos

Thanks again for stop­ping by…

Dave Koch
The Big Car­toon DataBase