A-113, The Pizza Planet Truck in Toy Story 2

03- Pixar Sneaks A-113 into Toy Story 2

Easter eggs really started to go crazy with Pixar’s third film (and first sequel) Toy Story 2 from 1999. First we see A 113, once again as the license plate on Mom’s van.

Toy Story 2 A-113

Toy Story 2 Pizza Truck

The pizza truck shows a substantial uptick in visibility. Since the toys actually car-jack the truck, it has an important part in the plot of the film. It get’s Buzz to the airport in time to save Woody…

Toy Story 2 Pizza Truck Toy Story 2 Pizza Truck  Pizza Truck in Pixars Toy Story 2

When the toys get to the airport, there is an announcement over the PA for “LassetAir Flight A113.”

Toy Story 2 Easter Eggs

But where Toy Story 2 really shines is with the incredible amount of other Easter Eggs in the film. ANd they start in the opening credits. Those stars? They align to form the lamp from Luxo Jr.

Toy Story 2 Easter Egg

Luxo Ball Easter Eggs

The ball from Luxo Jr. also makes a few appearances in Toy Story 2….

Toy Story 2 Easter Eggluxo ball Toy Story 2 Easter Eggluxoball Toy Story 2 Easter Eggluxoball in Toy Story 2ts2_luxoball_5

A Bugs Life Easter Eggs

Toy Story 2 also features a few nods to the previous film, A Bug’s Life. Note the calendar behind Bo Peep, The story book Mrs. Potato Head is reading, and Heimlich on the branch Buzz brushes aside.

Toy Story 2 Easter Egg
Toy Story 2 Easter Egg
Toy Story 2 Easter Egg

Pixar Shorts Easter Eggs

Many Pixar shorts make appearances in the film, too. Some are just titles of books on a shelf, some make quick appearances when Hamm flips through the TV channels (including the old Pixar logo, Tin Toy, Knick Knack and Red’s Dream), and even Geri from Geri’s Game as the repairman fixing Woody.

Toy Story 2 Easter Egg
Pixar logo Easter Egg
Tin toy Easter Egg
knick knack Easter Egg
Reds Dream Easter Egg
Geri Easter Egg


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